People Jesse Has Helped

Husband and wife: Noel and Daniela
Jesse officiated Noel's wedding
Father and daughter, Derrick and Zara, pose for picture
Zara takes a "selfie" with her father Derrick

The services helped me overcome the animosity and anger I harbored toward others. As a result, I’m a better mother and grandmother.


Counseling has helped us work through our issues and strengthened our marriage.

Marcus and Sheila

Thanks to BOND, I’m a more patient person and a better father and husband.



  • Church

    • Church every Sunday — join in Los Angeles at BOND, or participate live online.

  • Counseling

    • Counseling by phone or in-person — for individuals, couples, families.

  • Men's Forum

    • Men’s Forum at BOND first Thursday of the month

  • Women's Forum

    • Women’s Forum at BOND third Thursday of the month

  • Events

    • Events — attend our annual Men’s Conference (Father’s Day weekend) or periodic Town Hall forums on pressing issues.

  • The Jesse Lee Peterson Show

    • The Jesse Lee Peterson Show — watch, listen, and call-in with your questions live weekday mornings. You can also ask questions via Facebook comments or on YouTube via Super Chats while we’re streaming live.

  • The Fallen State

    • The Fallen State — watch enlightening interviews with people from all walks of life. Jesse wants people to realize that they’re in a fallen state, so that they might wake up spiritually and come out of it. You’d be amazed how many people around the world have had their eyes opened, seeing Jesse set an example interacting with the world.